Spaccer offers the sensational solution

Spaccer offers the sensational solution
The perfect solution is you just mount the Spaccer system
this is the perfection because the automobile manufacturer has already made the shock absorbers too long to make vehicles higher.You only have to measure the remaining spring travel on your vehicle then you can see perfectly what the manufacturer has prepared mostly go front and rear 4x12mm = 48mm or with the Rubber profiles up to 60mm 4x3mm = 12mm
48mm + 12mm = 60mm be sure to measure the remaining spring travel according to our instructions and you will never have a problem we have 100% satisfied customers it is technically perfect
Note if you buy other shock absorbers or other springs, none of this is necessary because the original chassis + Spaccer is guaranteed to be the best solution
But if you want you could buy a different landing gear and mount the Spaccer additionally this is possible (but not the best solution)
Original spring / chassis in connection with the patented Spaccer system is and remains the best solution
Also because everything in the area of ​​residual spring travel is approved by the automobile manufacturer, so everything remains in the TÜV-tested area
1) The chassis and steering geometry remain unchanged
2) Driving dynamics are improved, the shorter the remaining spring travel, the less sway
Spaccer thus improves driving behavior
Vehicles that look very spongy or that nod and sway are significantly improved
In the area of ​​remaining spring travel
3) The load on the suspension springs is not changed because the automobile manufacturer makes the shock absorber piston rods extra longer so that vehicles can be made higher
4) Angular difference between the joint and cardan shafts / cardan shafts are not changed to the detriment of the residual spring travel approvals from the automobile manufacturers
5) The length of the brake hoses and electrical cables / linkages do not have to be changed
6) The block dimensions of the springs are not affected because we deliver the spring travel limiters free of charge with every delivery
The component Spaccer + original chassis is a perfect solution because the automobile manufacturer has already prepared everything to raise it (observe the instructions for the remaining spring travel)
If you have any concerns or questions, the Spaccer team of engineers and technicians is at your disposal at any time by email or by telephone
Telephone (0049) 07303-2222

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